Kamen Stoyanov

Tiger Steps

doll, photographs, objects, sound, 2007


This project deals with the cafeteria and pastry shop „Tiger Steps“in the TZUM, Central Department Store in Sofia. The TZUM is one of the most exclusive shopping malls in Sofia. It is situated in the very center of the Bulgarian capital. It has already been known a so-called shopping paradise during socialist times. Even Sundays, one can buy goods here which cannot be found elsewhere. The new owners of the mall built a new cafeteria and pastry shop that displays a real tiger in a cage of glass. The female tiger named "Schakti" has spent already four months of its life in here. A tiger-doll tells this curious story of the tiger from its prospective in a very ironic way. Objects and photographs are proof to the truthfulness of the story.







exhibition view: MUMOK Vienna