Kamen Stoyanov

Kamen Stoyanov


born 1977 in Ruse, Bulgaria.

lives and works in Vienna and Sofia




2003 National Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia

2005 MA at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna



2018 Move Me Productions‘ Online Film Festival

2018 NOW&AFTER’18, International Video Art Festival, Moscow, Russia

2017 Medien Biennale Wrozlsav, Poland

2015 Art in Resistance, SPIELART Festival, Munich, Germany

2015 Sofia Underground, National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria

2014 Transmediale Berlin

2011 Facade Video Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2010 Videografías del Este, Eastern Videographies, Centro Cultural de España en México


Selected solo exhibitions

2018 Kamen Stoyanov, IN-VISIBLE, Kulturni Center Tobachna 001, Ljubljana, Slovenia

2017 Ask the artist, Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2017 Das Klingen der Brüche, with Ele Runge, nachtspeicher23 e.V., Hamburg

2016 Restless, das weisse haus, Vienna

2016 Operantium, Projektraum LS43, Berlin

2016 Will I be happy? Inda Gallery, Budapest

2014 We own this Shit, solo project at the Viennafair, booth of Inda Gallery, Budapest

2013 Something from Nothing, Rousse Art Gallery, Rousse, Bulgaria

2013 Stoyanov´s Tomato Products, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia

2013 IT IS NOT SO HARD TO MAKE SOME ART, Inda Gallery, Budapest

2011 Impossible Stories, Jesuiten Foyer, Vienna

2011 Out there, 1646, Den Haag, Netherland

2010 Bringing Cultura, Ex-garaza, Maribor, Slovenia

2010 Plaster Me, Lokal_30, Warsaw

2009 Looking for an Art Piece, Kunstverein Salzburg, Salzburg

2009 Chinese Rap and other Stories, Inda Gallery, Budapest

2008 At Arm‘s` Length, MUMOK, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien

2008 Forget it, we can not afford this, Studio Galeria, Budapest

2007 Places where the world breaks away, Let´s go to Giurgiu, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia

2006 Places where the world breaks away, Arthotek Galerie, Vienna

2006 Less Politcs, Plattform, Raum für Kunst, Vienna

2005 Bingo topology, Kunstraum Lakeside, Klagenfurt

2004 Modality, Ata center for contemporary art, Sofia

2003 WORK/S, Irida gallery, Sofia, with Vasilena Gankovska



Selected group exhibitions

2018 Operaismo Naturale: Ecology of the Event, Chapter 1 of Digital Ecologies, The Ancient Bath - Center of Contemporary

Art , Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2018 City Fabrics, ARCC.art, Vienna

2018 Archipelago, Island of Unpredictable Thinking, Library of the city of Vienna

2018 Exhibiting the Exhibition, Kunsthalle Baden - Baden, Germany

2018 Silcence Matters, AIL,Vienna

2017 BIENNALE WRO 2017 Draft Systems, Wrozslaw, Poland

2017 Io Sono Qui, MACRO, MACRO Testaccio, Rom

2017 Images in Language and the Language of Images, Dom Museum Wien, Vienna

2017 Shifting Layers. Young Art at the Museum, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia

2017 Let them draw II, drawing and withdrawing - Sariev Contemporary, Plovdiv,Bulgaria

2017 Migrations of Fear - Koroska Gallery of Fine Arts, Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia

2017 ‚don‘t call it off-space!‘, das weisse haus, Vienna

2017 STOPOVER - WAYS OF TEMPORARY EXCHANGE, Freiraum, Museums Quartier, Vienna

2017 Migration of Fear, The Ancient Bath - Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2017 LIGHT YEAR presents, IMPERSONAL - Manhattan Bridge, curated by Boris Kostadinov, NY

2017 Do or Die, Lokal_30 Gallery, Warsaw

2017 Migration of Fear, Forumstadtpark, Graz

2017 Von, Nicht-Orten und zufälligen Begegnungen, 5020, Salzburg

2017 Fantastic Capitalism, GPLcontemporary, Vienna

2017, IMPERSONAL, curated by Boris Kostadinov, LLLLLL, Vienna

2017 The Frame that blind us, A.P.A.Gallery, Budapest


2016 Abbild – Realitaet, Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna

2016 Winter Sale, waterside contemporary, London

2016 Lifestyles and Still Life, Lubomirov / Angus-Huges, London

2016 So close, so far, National Palace of Culture, Sofia

2016 Look at me! I am made for you!, Projektraum LS43, Berlin

2016 Let them draw, Sariev Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2016 Vienna on the move, Lightbox Studio Aoyama, Tokiyo

2016 Buchstabenfest, Bad Radkersburg, Austria

2016 Perform Painthink, ART for ART Theaterwerkstaetten, Arsenal Objekt 19, Vienna

2016 die weisse ab-haus-verkaufs-kunstschau #5, das weisse haus, Vienna


2015 +45+55+95+, Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest

2015 Focus Bulgaria at viennacontemporary, Vienna

2015 Art in Resistance, SPIELART Festival 2015, Munich, Germany

2015 Mature and Angry, The Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2015 Vienna for Art’s Sake!, Winterpalais Prinz Eugen / Belvedere, Vienna

2015 URBANAUTS, Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna

2015 Interior, Exhibition project at Hoerlgasse 10, Vienna

2015 Sofia Underground, National Palace of Culture, Sofia

2015 die weisse ab-haus-verkaufs-kunstschau #4, das weisse haus, Vienna


2014 The Dark Side of The Night, Anniversary Program 10th Edition Plovdiv Night, Congrational Church, Plovdiv,


2014 The Movement of the Whole, Inda Gallery, Budapest

2014 Unframed, Art Without the Frame, Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna

2014 Artist’s Book, RedHouse, Sofia

2014 Bulgarian Labor, geh8 Kunstraum & Ateliers e.V, Dresden

2014 The collection. New acquisitions 2012-2013, Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia

2014 The longest distance is the one that separates us, Gallery Cella, Opava, Czech Republik

2014 Attention Economy, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

2014 Dance with Us, Projektraum Viktor Bucher, Vienna

2014 Past future-future past, transmediale 2014, Supermarkt, Berlin

2014 ARTSLAB, The Territorial Complex, GPL Contemporary, Vienna

2014 Vom Aussenraum zum Innenraum, Kunstverein Kunsthaus Potsdam e.V., Germany

2014 Die Glorreiche 7, In der Kubatur des Kabinets, Fluc, Vienna

2014 TWEET KIM IL-SUNG!, IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna

2014 Measures of saving the world_part 5, <rotor> Association for Contemporary Art, Graz


2013 Trip and Traveling – Culture Communication Center, Klaipeda, Lithuania

2013 Unexpected Encountrers, Camera Austria, Graz, Austria

2013 Places and Protests, Elias Canetti Association, Rousse, Bulgaria

2013 Bulgarian Artists in Vienna, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia

2013 Collecting Makes Friends, Le Quartier, the art center of Quimper, Bretagne, France

2013 Phantoms & Ghosts, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna

2013 Near, Closer, Togheter, SOFIA CONTEMPORARY, Sofia

2013 On the suspense or how to hide a bomb under the table, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia

2013 The intransigent ticket- the artist as a filter, Csula Fine Arts Gallery, Los Angeles

2013 New Opening.New Beginning, Lokal_30, Warsaw

2013 The First Ten Years Of The Lentos, Kunstmuseum Lentos, Linz, Austria


2012 AiR Ungarn 2011-2012, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna

2012 The Keyhole of Mister Wittgenstein, Wittgenstein Haus, Vienna

2012 Urban Dreams, Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2012 Material and Culture, MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Los Angeles

2012 Reactions, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia

2012 It isn´t in the can, Open Space, Vienna

2012 I´d like to walk on the moon, Gallery Enrico Astuni-Bologna

2012 Remember to remember, Arco, Madrid

2012 Common History and Its Private Stories, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia

2012 Enduring Value? Cooperation springerin, Kunshaus Bregenz, Austria


2011 Common Identity, Space Gallery, Bratislava

2011 METAmART. Kunst und Kapital. Der Ausstellungsparcours, Künstlerhaus, Vienna

2011 The 2011 Sovereign European Art Prize Finalist´s Exhibition, Haskoy Yun Iplik Fabrikasi,Istanbul

2011 The Bulgarian Pavillion, Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia

2011 Unlimited, BenchMark Business Center, Sofia

2011 New York, Rio, Tokyo, Inda Gallery, Budapest

2011 Space Odyssey, Maerz, Linz, Austria

2011 Meet everyone at once, start an artist run space, 0gms Projects, Sofia

2011 Museums, Galleries, Homes and Other Stories, Galeria Enrico Astuni, Bologna

2011 Zonen_prekaer, Kunstsaele Berlin

2011 Neo SI, Schattendorf, Austria

2011 Glocal Gestures, Schmiede, Hallein, Austria


2010 17th Biennale of Sydney, Songs of survival in a precarious age, Sydney

2010 Aichi Triennale, Nagoya, Japan

2010 August in Art Biennal, Varna, Bulgaria

2010 Who is your audience, Galeria Enrico Astuni, Bologna

2010 Over the Counter. The Phenomena of Post-socialist Economy in Contemporary Art, Kunsthalle Budapest

2010 Tanzimat, Augarten Contemporary, Vienna

2010 Blickwechsel, Austrian Photography Today, Westlicht, Vienna

2010 0gms, Whitespace gallery, Bangkok, Taiwan

2010 Best before end, Inda Gallery, Budapest

2010 Fluorescent Adolescent, Schunck, Heerlen, Netherland

2010 Long time no seen - The Brno House of Art - Central Building, Brno

2010 Persona, Institute of Contemporary Art, Sofia

2010 Swallow it, dog, Institute of Contemporary Art Newtown, Sydney


2009 Mifan, Aniart Gallery, Beijing

2009 Scetches for a project, lokal_30_warszawa_london_projects, London

2009 The center of attention. Art as Sociotopia, Vienna Art Week 09 Vienna

2009 Atlantis I, Hidden Histories – New Identities. Twenty Years After The Fall of The Berlin Wall,

2009 Reflection of Tomorrow, Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv,

Ancient Bath, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

2009 Feedback 1989 – 20 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Exhibition at Hotel Dajti, Tirana

2009 Common History and Its Private Stories. Geschichte und Geschichten, Museum auf Abruf,Vienna

2009 Ferne Nähe, Zyklus 4.0, Zeitgenoessische Kunst aus Mitteleuropa, Stift Lilienfeld, Austria

2009 After Ego, Art Today Association, Center for Contemporary Art Plovdiv, Ancient Bath, Plovdiv

2009 BAZA Award for Contemporary Art: Exhibition of the Nominee Artists, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia

2009 Landscape, contemporary, Haus der Fotografie - Dr. Robert-Gerlich-Museum, Burghausen, Germany

2009 Flavors of Austria, Taf- the Art Foundation, Athens


2008 MANIFESTA 7, The European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Trentino, Italy

2008 Gyumri 6th International Biennial of Contemporary Art 2008, Gyumri Centre of Contemporary Art, Armenia

2008 Neo-SI, Galerie Tristesse, Berlin

2008 Am Sprung, OK, Center for Contemporary Art, Linz, Austria

2008 Stay, Stay, Stay, Central Bathhouse, 1 Banski Square, Sofia

2008 Transfert, La BF15, Lyon

2008 Where the east ends, Nassauischer Kunstverein, Wiesbaden

2008 Open Sky. Räume jenseits ihrer Praxis, Kunstverein Medienturm, Graz, Vienna

2008 For a happier tomorrow, Gallery Tom Christoffersen, Copenhagen, Denmark

2008 Manual CC – Instructions for Beginners and Advanced Players, Uqbar, Berlin

2008 Trespassing, Inda Galerie, Budapest

2008 In Passing 1, Kuenstlerhauspassage, Vienna

2008 Permanent Waiting Room, Ajdovščina Square, Ljubljana


2007 Nightcomers Videoscreening, International Istanbul Biennale

2007 Lange nicht gesehen. Begegnungen mit dem Museum auf Abruf, MUSA, Vienna

2007 Multiplicities, ARC Projects, Sofia

2007 Between Welcome and Goodbye, Vaska Emanouilova Gallery, Sofia

2007 In Search Of Lost Time, Sofia Art Gallery, Sofia

2007 Shrinking cities, Dauhaus, Sofia

2007 Suitcase Illuminated#5 Parallel Economies, P74 Center and Gallery, Ljubljana

2007 In Search of Lost Time, Sofia Art Galerry, Sofia


2006 Last minute, Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig

2006 Every Day, Salzburger Kunstverein, Salzburg

2005 Play Sofia, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna

2005 colectionwise, Galerie 5020, Salzburg

2005 Translation Alternatives, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

2005 I can see clearly now, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna

2004 Reproduction without alternative, Ata center for contemporary Art, Sofia

2004 Line/Spot, Black Dragon Society, Vienna

2004 Kunst als Fotografie, Fotografie als Kunst , Semperdepot, Vienna

2003 Blood and Honey, future is on the balkan, Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuburg, Austria

2003 Mutual fields,galerie 5020, Salzburg

2002 VideoJune. Videoscreening 0“, ZERO Arte Contemporanea Gallery, Piacenza, Italy

2002 Border Crossing Reconsidered - Beyond Hybridity, Fringe Club, Hong Kong

2001 Trendification, <rotor> Association for Contemporary Art, Graz

2001 Looming Up, Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna


Awards, scholarships, artist in residence programs

2016 Artists -in-Residence Program Gleis70, Zurich, Switzerland

2016 BKA - Austrian Federal Ministry, Scholarship, Istanbul

2012 MAK Schindler Artists and Architects-in-Residence Program in Los Angeles

2011 The Sovereign European Art Prize

2011 Otto Mauer Prize, Austria

2011 Walter Koschatzky Art Award

2010 Alexander Resnikov Award

2009 BMUKK – Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture Scholarship, Beijing

2008 JAK, Attila Jozsef Circle, Scholarship, Budapest

2008 Kunstpreis Europas Zukunft, Galerie fuer Zeitgenoessische Kunst Leipzig

2007 Prize for Visual Arts of the City of Vienna

2007 MUMOK Prize for the Zone1 at VIENNAFAIR

2007 Cite Internationale des Arts, Artist in Residence Program, Paris

2006 BMUKK – Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, the Arts and Culture Scholarship, Rome

2005 Prize of the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna


Lentos, Linz, Austria

MAK MAK – Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, Vienna

MUMOK, Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien

MUSA, Museum auf Abruf, Vienna

Public Collection of the Austrian Government

Sofia Art Gallery, Bulgaria


Dom Museum Wien, Vienna

EVN Collection, Austria

ESSL MUSEUM for Contemporary Art, Klosterneuburg, Austria


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